Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wishing Tree

Since Valentines Day this year we have a wishing tree in front of our studio/home on N Williams Ave. This tree has been such a humbling experience. I have met so many people that  stopping by to write a wish, either they where just walking by or they have heard from fellow travels, friends or neighbors. Regardless how they found us each one of them thanked me/us and  told me what a great idea this is.
There are approx. 3000+  tags with wishes on this tree and no end in site. We still put a box of tags out each day, if it is not stormy and raining ;) and we will not stop!
The holiday season is upon us and much wishing to do, so please stop by and make a wish take a picture and use the hashtag #forthesakeoflove  and spread the word.


 Thank you to everyone who has left a wish on the tree, you are a part of this project PLEASE share the love #forthesakeoflovetree